Looking for learning material on MQTT Testing?

My Background:

  • New to testing MQTT Based Applications.
  • Have learned the basics of the game - Publisher, Subscriber, QoS Concepts, Broker, etc.
  • Looking for pro stuff (hacks, cheatsheets, mneumonics, conference talks, papers, etc.) to go deep into it.

Help me by pointing me to resources or references. I will do the rest :slight_smile:

I may also collate all the good stuff and prepare a compilation for future learners on this topic. Help me to help others :smiley:


Do share when you really do get it - I tried getting a MQTT client to work with HomeAssistant, and I wasted more time with linuxy firewalls than I needed to and still got no real joy. Everyone wants to move you to their toolstack for this, and it feels like yet another vendor landgrab area or โ€œlock-inโ€ of software engineering when you start off. Itโ€™s an API with pretty much a queue system built into it, what are you actually looking for aside from what the basic service definition is describing when it comes to โ€œfunctionalโ€ testing?

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Found some resources, and have tried some of them.

Compiling it all here: MQTT Testing Resources & Tools - Rahul's Testing Titbits

This book is a goldmine :smiley:

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