Would you be willing to share the list of testing related RSS feeds that you have subscribed to?

With 30 days of tools gaining so much traction, today’s question was very interesting.

Staying tool aware is one of the biggest challenge we face in the tech community.

One of the methods that @friendlytester and @mwinteringham discussed extensively today is subscribing to RSS feeds that relates to testing.

I’m also trying to build my own RSS feed list and was wondering if anyone is willing to share some of their favourite RSS feeds here specific to testing tools ? I also feel it would help others too.



We have a HUGE list here


I’m “indirectly” using RSS feeds for my podcast subscriptions, I’m listening to the following ones:

And the last one is The Laracasts Snippet Podcast which is not directly related to testing, but it’s not about development either, short podcast episodes about various IT related stuff.


Thanks Richard! I was really after that list but all I got was the actual feed. Very helpful. Ta!

Also, the new beep for Mark when he speaks about his new book, is pretty funny I should admit :joy:

(Can’t wait for your book @mwinteringham! Go you!!)

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