Mark and Richard are going to livestream every 30 Days of Tools challenge

Yeah that’s right! Myself and @friendlytester are going to get stuck into the #30DaysOfTools by running a daily livestream in which we discuss each of the challenges and how we might solve them.


We’re doing this to offer a place for all of us to get together and chat about each challenge and see how everyone is getting on. So we hope to see all of you join us to discuss and share how you’re getting on with your 30 Days of Tools.


We will be streaming via our Ministry of Testing YouTube channel


Livestreams will be run at 12:30pm BST on weekdays, except Tuesdays at 11:15am BST.


That’s some dedication! Good job setting a good example of doing this 30 days straight! I’ll see if I can tag along! :stuck_out_tongue: