What are you enjoying about 30 Days of Tools so far?

The last seven days feel like they’ve flown by. And it’s been lovely to experience all the replies to the 30 Days of Tools daily challenges.

I plan to write a Community Roundup every Tuesday and Friday in October, with the first roundup out earlier this week.

I’m very much enjoying the sheer amount of knowledge and experience shared already!

How about you, what are you enjoying about 30 Days of Tools so far?


I’m really enjoying it, it’s great for becoming aware of lots of new tools and their use cases!


I love the running gag with my first name on live videos :joy: @mwinteringham you did it great :partying_face:

Seriously questioning myself on my approach with tools and learning from yours.


I personally am enjoying the perspectives and opinions.

For a person to gain this amount of knowledge on tools would take a very long time. And we get it in a days time, with so many entries coming in throughout the day.

And yeah just like @anne-laure , I’m also enjoying the running joke on @mwinteringham ’s ads on his new book :wink: and the new honk sound to counter it is just hilarious!

Value + Entertainment


Some challenges are in depth. They provide details and context to other participants.