Making mobile performance testing easier

Hey guys!

My company has recently built a tool and it resulted in its own spinoff company! It’s called Apptim and it’s for mobile performance testing.

We saw a need to make client side mobile performance testing easier. Typically, when you think of performance, you think about simulating load on the back end. That’s super important but it’s also necessary to see how your app behaves on the device itself.

What Apptim does is it helps you to measure app render times, power consumption, resource usage, capture crashes and more on both Android and iOS devices.

It allows you to start a test session, explore your app, record bugs and attach screenshots/ videos and push them to JIRA. At the end of the test session, it generates a report filled with app performance metrics that you can share with the developer who can use that information to improve performance.

While you can also use Android Studio and Instruments, Apptim works for both iOS and Android and it also allows you to compare different test sessions, so you can see performance trends in your app, and learn how a code change impacts performance.

We are in the public beta stage, with a free plan and a premium plan that comes with a free trial.All plans offer unlimited tests.

Please, try it and share with us your feedback! I’m also very happy to answer any questions.