MoT Belfast: Enhance Mobile User Experience Through Performance Testing with Sofia Palamarchuk

Kicking off our second series of talks partnering with the Cork and Edinburgh meetup groups, we’ll be joined by Sofia Palamarchuk :grin:

I’ve had a sneak peek of this talk already and it’s going to be excellent!

You can RSVP here on The Club

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Looking forward to it!

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Just a reminder that this is happening next week and open to everyone to attend :grin:

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Thanks for the reminder! Saved myself a spot :wink:


See you all tomorrow :grinning:

I mentioned this Club thread in the chat as a great reference for some performance testing tools Performance: which testing tool and why?

Another great thread Site Speed Tools.

A recent blog post from @marie.drake that folks who attended should read :wink:

Questions we didn’t get to

  1. @bencf1: Can you use Apptim with cloud based device farms, like AWS or BrowserStack?
  2. MJ: Can we record our test session and rerun it automatically after each release?
  3. @aishwaryakamath: Are you using AWR reports for performance statistics if yes could you please explain.
  4. Steven W: Does apptim work with Apps created with Xamarin? Can it be used with Xamarin automated tests?
  5. Kristof: Would you have done something different building your app if you could start over?

Hi everyone! Thank you for joining us today and for all your questions.

Happy to go over the ones that were left answered:

  1. @bencf1 - Yes! Apptim works with AWS Device Farm today
  2. In order to run automated tests with Apptim, you will need to have your own scripts, like Appium tests.
  3. @aishwaryakamath No, we don’t use AWR reports. Happy to connect later with you if you have any specific questions about the performance metrics captured.
  4. Yes, you can tests Xamarin apps with Apptim
  5. Not sure if you are referring to a mobile app or our desktop app, if you can be more specific :slight_smile:

I’ll keep checking this thread so you can shoot me more questions if you have.
Thanks all!


The recording from this meetup is now live :tada:

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