MoT Belfast, Cork & Edinburgh: Episode 1 January 2021

Very excited to be welcoming @ailuj876 to the stage on Wednesday for the first episode of the meetup collaboration with MoT Belfast, Cork and Edinburgh :grin:

Will you be joining us?


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Resources mentioned by Julia & in the chat

The nodejs song!

The blog Julia mentioned from @angiejones

Recent discussion Julia had with @tristan.lombard

Questions we didn’t get to

  1. You feel that you can do without traditional test cases and use other methodologies such as user mapping or others?
  2. I get the impression that functional programming is making a bit of a comeback - is OOP still the major model for test automation?
  3. What is the best screen recorder (video) free and has small size for attachment?
  4. How to use innovation in our tests with examples ?
  5. how to manage stress, specially when test new technology , new business, has a limit time, and all of tests are important ( I don’t mean risk based testing )
  6. Do you think, from a skill set perspective, too much focus is given to UI automation and not enough at lower level testing like API automation or component testing.
  7. IN automation testing what type of test cases should we automate and what not to automate, should we automate everything in an application
  8. what about Selenium learning for functional testing?
  9. I’ve used SQL queries, but not in automation. Can you suggest any resources for this?
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I think we can based on the environment. I have seen my coworker @brittanyleebird use mindmaps to create user flows and test strategies that provided the same value as test cases and written documentations.

I would say yes it still is. If someone knows different I am happy for them to chime in here.

I use giphy .com on my bug reports. You can also save as mp4

Think about different types of users and scenarios and apply those to the application you are testing. Don’t just test for what the Acceptance criteria or requirements say, but look beyond that to see different ways you can use the application and account for ease of use, performance, accessibility etc.

I assume you mean you the tester are stressed out.
I would say try to identify a scope and a realistic timeline with reason. Some things are just impossible to complete in the time given. If all tests are important then the timeline needs to be extended. Advocate for that. Or get more persons to help. If not then can you accept the risk that you may not have as much coverage and the quality of the product may suffer?

And rest :grinning: I know you may not have the time but I find I work better when I am rested. Sure you can do more than 8 hours a day, but I wouldn’t advise doing 18 hours a day for weeks.

I think there has been an uptick and will continue to be an increase in requests for API and other service layer test automation. UI automation is more popular and is a starting point for a lot of people. I think focus is beginning to shift more to API test automation.

I’ve seen increased focus too on unit testing but more so for developers.

I wouldn’t say too much focus has been given to UI, I would say that unit and service layer needs an increase focus as well.

I have article that should answer that question. We can discuss more if needed. Test Automation Best Practices: Deciding What and When to Automate | by Julia Pottinger | QualityWorks Blog | Medium

Selenium is a great tool and there are a lot of resources out there to learn it. I just have a personal preference for WebdriverIO as I mentioned :grinning:

This looks like a good one SQL - Part 1 - Database Concepts (Database, DBMS, Data Models, RDBMS and SQL) - YouTube

Thanks everyone for joining. It was a pleasure :grin:

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The recording of this session is now live :tada: