Manual Testing for Absolute Beginner

I want to start a career in MT, but have hard time finding a course that has it all. Can you recommend a bootcamp or projects that I can work on without any experience for free?


I and @ajay184f created this for a similar question on The Club last year.

All resources are free in this.

All the best: How to Learn Testing in 20 Days? - Testing Titbits | Rahul Parwal


If you’ve been asked to test something, and want to know where to start:

When you want to know more about software testing, but don’t know where to start:

When you want to read more about a career in Software Testing (paid eBook, by Nicola Lindgren):

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For me the first thing to learn is that while ‘manual testing’ is quite widely used, there isn’t a consistent definition to it. I’d recommend you learn software testing with could include writing and following scripts (one definition) and should include exploratory testing (another definition).
You already have some great replies above so good luck and welcome to the craft.

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