Masterclass Further Discussion: Exploratory Testing: What are microheuristics and how can you find and use them?

Tonight we had the wonderful @alex_schl for a masterclass all about microheuristics in exploratory testing. This is a very new topic to me so I was really interested to hear what Alex had to share.

As always, a recording of the masterclass will be available to MoT Pro members in the masterclass section

If we didn’t get to your questions tonight, you’d like to continue the conversation, or you found more resources to share, please share them here.


References mentioned

Of course the book “Thinking Fast and Slow” was referenced :slight_smile:

Questions we didn’t get to

  1. Should EXP testing be done after scripted testing?
  2. Related to Goke’s question or comment, if Dev say"that’s an edge case" when you explain an unexpected behaviour to them… the question is "is it really an edge case ? How many times can a client run into this scenario ?.. then explore use cases to verify this "… is this a heuristic
  3. What is a testopsy?
  4. Do you use the scenario based exploratory testing? If yes, how do you define the scenarios? Maybe you use the ‘tourist metaphor’ for it?
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