Masterclass: Rewrite Vs Refactor

Tonight’s masterclass “Rewrite Vs Refactor” is on a topic that came up recently at the Belfast Software Testing Essentials meetup so this was very well timed :grin:

As always, the recording of the masterclass will be available to MoT Pro members in the masterclass section .

If we didn’t get to your questions tonight or you’d like to continue the conversation, why not ask them here?

The questions we didn’t get to:

  1. Hi Anand, please help to understand “Refactor vs Re-engineering” in software / test code ?
  2. Anand, please can you share the sample framework with 2 or 3 tests, demonstrating the lessons you shared. It will help me.
  3. Hi Anand, what is your vision on building a testing framework fully Object oriented? Will it end up hard to maintain?
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