Masters Degree For a QA Engineer?

Hello Community,

As a QA engineer interested in enrolling for a master degree course in a university:

  1. What are your suggested relevant masters degree courses a QA engineer should enroll?
  2. Please summarise your reason of the choice of course above?

Thank you.


That’s going to largely depend on the university itself. Every Uni has a different masters for most schools, so one has to be far more specific about which group of universities we are talking about here.

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This is a big question and really depends on what your long term goals are.

Want to go into engineering leadership? Consider an MBA with a concentration on organizational leadership or engineering management

Want to move towards the product side? Consider an MS in UX or an MFA in Experience Design

Want to be a high level IC engineer or a consultant? Consider an MS in Computer Science or Software Engineering

I just started my first year in grad school on Monday :flushed: and getting an MFA in Experience Design from Miami University


Experience design is a fine art now? Hope it pays better than other fine arts.

Same as Jenne said.
Kind of depends what kind of QA you wish to do to be honest.
If you want to roll in automation, DevOps QA, maybe security… or QA Management.

I don’t you should should just go to Uni and do a course because you want a master degree but you should do it because you like to do it :stuck_out_tongue: (and not because someone tells you to do it)