MidsTest 17th July - The Joy of Record and Playback in Test Automation

Louise Gibbs (@Louise_J_Gibbs) will be returning to #MidsTest in July, with a preview of her conference talk,

“The Joy of Record and Playback in Test Automation”

Record and playback features are a really useful tool for automated test development. They allow code req uired to run automated tests to be generated quickly. However, there is an unfortunate misconception that it is only used by those with poor programming skills.

I do not believe this is the case, as even those with excellent programming skills may choose to use record and playback as an initial code generator.

I also believe that some may feel excluded from test automation because of their lack of programming skills. Record and playback features are an excellent way to introduce people to automated test development.

Record and playback features does have its limits. There are some actions that cannot be recorded so need to be coded instead. Tests made up entirely of recordings can be awkward to maintain, and have difficulty recovering from failures. Therefore, any code generated from recordings needs to be changed to improve the maintainability and robustness of the tests. In this talk I will demonstrate how recordings and the code generated from recordings can be adapted when developing automated test cases.

Networking is until 19:00, so you are welcome to arrive early, chat with people and use the pool table.
Then the presentation will begin, followed by food & further networking until 21:00 (but you don’t have to stay that late if you don’t want to).

After the talk there is the opportunity for all attendees to take part in 99 Second Talks, where they can use the time to trial a presentation they plan to give, ask for help to the community, share something they are passionate about, virtually anything they can think of.

There will be food and drink for our attendees, courtesy our fabulous sponsors - Woodrow Mercer, who will also host us in their offices in central Birmingham.

Finally, due to the location, we are unable to have you attend if you are a recruiter for another company, apologies.

Please sign up at https://www.meetup.com/Ministry-of-Testing-MidsTest/events/262618505/ if interested.

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