MidsTest 19th June - Baking Codeless Test Automation

In June #MidsTest has first-time speaker Paul Coles, with his presentation “Baking Codeless Test Automation”.

About the Talk:
Everyone says that to be a tester in the future you need to do automation. What does this mean? Should you learn to script in Selenium, create your own frameworks. Or should you be looking elsewhere.

Codeless test automation tools could be the answer, the days of record and playback with automatic code generation are over.

There are tools that allow you to model complex business processes that are repeatable, reliable, composable and easy to understand. It could be so simple that you may get buy in from your business users, especially when you do 5 days of work for them in 7.4 hours, that’s the magic of Codeless Automation mixed with some RPA.

In this Talk and Live Demo I’ll show one of these tools in action - Leapwork - www.leapwork.com

After the talk there is the opportunity for all attendees to take part in 99 Second Talks, where they can use the time to trial a presentation they plan to give, ask for help to the community, share something they are passionate about, virtually anything they can think of.

Networking is until 19:00, where the presentation will begin, followed by food & further networking until 21:00 (but you don’t have to stay that late if you don’t want to).

About Paul:
"I’ve been testing different things since 1998, I started off testing games, moved into testing educational software and Internet Filtering for the government, did a stint testing congestion charging algorithms and then mostly tested web based back office systems for about 7 years.

All of it manual, often on my own."

Our meetup venue host are Sainsbury’s and the food and drink for the attendees will be sponsored by Xpertise Recruitment.

Sign up at https://www.meetup.com/Ministry-of-Testing-MidsTest/events/262059185/