Ministry of Testing Comic

Some of you may have seen the awesome work from @constancehermit at TestBash Manchester. We thought it was pretty cool too so we approached Conny to see if she would be interested in doing more.

Check out the first one, hot off the shelves about Conny’s TestBash Adventure! Isn’t it amazing?!

What else would you like to see or read about in the comic?


First few things that come to mind for me are:

  • Generating Test Ideas
  • Bug Advocacy
  • Pairing Session
  • Exploring the community to find new resources

But, I guess, I’d love to just follow your actual testing journey in comic form.

  • Experiences that are happening to you at work.
  • Reactions when you read/watch something from the community.
  • Thoughts and ponders on Testing

I love the comic (and not just because me and my guinea pigs are in it :smiley: ), it really captures the content and the vibe of the day.

I’d love to see ongoing content about interactions between tester(s) and other stakeholders such as developers, PMs, POs, clients etc. - there’s an untapped seam of content about the human side of testing, and I would think that a comic would be a great medium for this :slight_smile:


Perhaps capturing misconceptions / misunderstandings of testing so that we can help educate/show non testers the true reality of testing.


It might be (very) interesting to capture some of the very long discussions on a given topic… especially those with occasional rabbit holes and endless loops.

Some occur across multiple platforms (slack/twitter/dojo/open space). Capturing (and closing) a discussion this way might provide an opportunity for others to gain from the content without having to mine all the threads.


I like this. Between Heather and I - but mostly Heather these days - we put a lot of effort into starting and capturing forum posts of interest - often seeing conversations on slack and Twitter and recreating them here.

At some point some of them will turn into useful guides or articles, but comics are certainly an option too.


I like that idea. I’ve certainly seen a few discussions on twitter where I’ve thought “that’d make a good comic!” or at least started off a thread of thought. C: