Ministry of Testing Tattoo Folk

(Heather) #1

Some nutters (who we love) in the community have gotten Ministry of Testing tattoos in order to gain unlimited TestBash tickets for life. Dedication? Awesome? Beautiful?

Check them out below :grin:

(Hilary) #2

(Huib) #3

(Ash) #4

(David) #5

I’ve literally just remembered this board and that I haven’t yet posted my MoT tattoo on here (sorry Heather!). So without further ado here’s my little (hah!) right-forearm contribution to the best testing community in the world:

(Emma) #6

Oooooooooops this should have been posted agessssssssss ago!! Ah well better late than never. Hehehehe its not like its going anywhere :slight_smile:

(Maik) #7

Hamburg MoT art

(Guna) #8