Mobile App Battery drain measurement

Does anyone have any experience in testing mobile battery usage for specific apps, we have a requirement to report on the battery drain of one of our apps, this is not something I have looked at before, and a google search comes up with either the installed battery usage from android, or apps to optimise use, any help / advice is welcomed

There is an old thread on this forum, but I guess (hope) things have developed since then??


Welcome to the community Mark.
It’s very subjective, and with all things actual pain levels from users will ultimately tell you what you need to aim for. I assume you are talking about backgrounded, not foreground?

On IOS, backgrounded apps don’t use power, but suffer from loosing state/stale and drop connections and have to re-initialize. android apps are easier on backgrounding, but do use power. Foregrounding gets more complicated as in the thread, because screen brightness and size completely rule your power consumption on any platform. You can get companies that will retrofit an android with a special accurate power monitor, the inbuilt monitor is not very accurate anyway.

I would grab a typical device and actually use it as a user for a day and take readings and not rely on the device stats as much as on user experience. It’s really dependant on what the app does, and on who your user is, and what devices they typically use. Even so, it’s pain managed in the end. That’s how we do it where I work. Google and Apple have verification “programs” that may also trip you up when they test your app and it turns out to be a beast.

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Hey Mark! Apptim ( can help you measure this, a free mobile app performance testing tool for both iOS and Android. It shows you results and also tells you if your app’s performance in different areas like battery usage goes above the recommended thresholds.

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Hiho @mark.dickens ! :slight_smile:

It’s awesome that you are planning to perform such tests.

If you’re asking about tools that you could use then you can easily start with Android Battery Historian:

For iOS use Instruments Energy Diagnostics:

You can also use mobile device labs; here are a few to look into. Few of them have battery performance measurement tools indeed:

Ping me if you would need any assistance with creating test cases for such tests, maybe I could help :slight_smile:

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Hi @pwicherski,
I have started to take a look at the battery historian, I think it gives me what I need, and a few other stats also :sweat_smile:. thanks for posing !!



Happy to help :slight_smile: