Mobile App Battery Utilization Testing

What would be the ideal benchmark of battery usage for a Mobile App.
I have been testing an app, which is costing 2-3% of battery power.

That’s a really weak definition of what you are testing. You say the app costs 2-3% of battery power.

What chipset / speed / RAM combination - these can all have an impact.
What screen size?
Is it a back ground app, or does it force the display on all the time?
Does it over-ride the brightness set by the user?
Any sound?
What battery size? Quoting a percentage of a low capacity battery against a beefy one isn’t going to help.
What peripherals does the app engage with? Something that uses GPS can’t expect above a certain performance. Is it reasonable for a user to expect a high battery usage given the nature of your app.
You quote 2-3% usage. Over what time frame? For a week this sounds great, for 10 seconds not so good.

I don’t like to be one of the people on here who just throws a bunch of questions back at you, but you haven’t asked a question that can be answered.

I am newbie to this concept.

Could you please provide few references, where i can learn more about this.

Answer: I was testing for an hour.

Answer: Yes, it depends on person who replies back.
I asked the same question in different forum, But i got positive reply to explain.

Your question still can’t be answered… As my questions I threw back at you were trying to point out it all depends on your environment, the application, and user expectation.

I have never tested a mobile application (and so therefore you may want to describe me as a newbie as well), but all these seem sensible and appropriate questions to ask.

Is it a location tracking game with 3d graphics?
Or is it a reader app?

Each of these would have vastly different expectations for battery use.

I would start by thinking about how the app is/will be used. How often is it accessed a day? Does it run in the background?
Another thing you can do is compare to similar apps.

There are quite a few things to consider. One issue is the power use by other apps that may be running. You may want to clear memory to attempt to have a similar environment each time you test. Consider the signal the device is getting If it’s searching or in between towers this can drain battery. Only using wifi could minimize this risk. Another risk is any system pushes updates etc. The system could decide to start downloading an update in the background when you test tomorrow.