Mobile Testing Tools

(christopher) #1


My QA lead has investigated several mobile testing tools to test our mobile web application. Unfortunately, he has not found a tool that can meet the following requirements. If anyone has suggested a tool(s) that will be appreciated.

Our requirements are:
(1) Support different browsers in different mobile devices
(2) Support record/replay for automation testing
(3) Support offline mode to test offline features

There are many tools such as:
Ranorex and Xamarin which cannot support (1). The application under test (AUT) they support is mobile application instead of mobile web application.
Some tools support (1) such as Browserstack and rossBrowserTesting, however, they don’t support record/replay function, the only way to do automation testing is to write scripts.
Some tools such as Ranorex and Xamarin can support offline mode, but others cannot.


(Vishal Dutt) #2

Following is the tool that meets all the requirements specified by you.

Tool name is Sauce labs. It is a cloud-based platform, enabling you to perform automated/manual testing of web and mobile applications. Many companies offer mobile testing services and functional testing services for this tool, due to the convenience it offers to its users. At one single place, user can perform different test simultaneously in parallel at different browsers/devices as required.

It offers more than 500 different browser platform, operating system and device combinations, and thus providing a comprehensive test infrastructure for testing desktop and mobile applications. This tool you can ensure that your web application work across the latest Android and iOS mobile devices, as it provides quick access to emulators, simulators and real devices. You just need to enter your URL, select different devices, operating systems, and browsers and click run. It’s that simple.

We can use Selenium, Appium and JavaScript unit testing frameworks as well to perform automated testing. There is no VM setup or maintenance required. Live breakpoints are accessible while the tests are running, enabling one to interrupt and investigate the problem manually. You can also record your test runs in videos and refer them after the test has completed. You can review the test results and console logs later, to verify the issues if any occurred during test run.

Hope this information is clear and you can get back to us in case need more information.