MoT Goals 2022 - Testing community

In an effort to become more open with our community on plans for the future, we have shared our goals for 2022 publicly to keep us accountable and get your thoughts and how we might reach them.

Weekly events for the community

There is a feeling within MoT that our community took a bit of a hit during the pandemic whilst we focused on re-establishing our revenue to keep the lights on. We stand by that choice which resulted in us creating TestBash Home and 99 Minute Workshops, yet that focus shifted us away from creating opportunities to connect as a community. It’s time to fix that.

What does this re-focus mean?

Our plan is to create smaller, more informal events that are more engaging to help the community get together to connect and learn with one another. This might range from informal ad hoc discussions on social platforms, to group activities and workshops. We’re going to keep it fresh by experimenting with different types of events.

We’ll also be turning our attention to our local meetups and looking to support their organisers further.

Why the change in focus?

We feel an engaged community is great for the testing craft, our community and for Ministry of Testing community. The connections and conversations spark new ideas that result in blogs, talks, courses, discussions and so much more that can help others in the community. A healthy community will also help us achieve our other goals such as co-creating a curriculum.

What type of events will you run?

We’ve identified many different ways in which we can get community members together. Our intention is to experiment with them, trying out different ideas and observing how they go to determine which are worth doing more - you may have already been part of some of these new events!. We’ll also be helping to reboot local meetups, offering more support and better resources to allow organisers to create diverse and engaging events.

Have your say

We share these goals, to hold us accountable to the plans we’ve set for ourselves. But we also want to know what you think about goals for the year? What do you think of our goals? Are they sensible? What suggestions do you have for achieving them?

If you’d like to share your thoughts, reply below and if you want to support us further, consider going Pro if you haven’t already to take advantage of a wealth of content, events and activities. As well as supporting us to create a stronger community. Thank you to all our pro members.


Here’s the first-month review of how things have gone so far with this goal: Weekly Events - January 2022 Review

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