What Are Your Community Contribution Goals This Year?

Contributing with MoT can positively impact your career and the Testing Community. You can contribute in many ways, both big and small. All the different ways add up and help create a useful and welcoming community where people feel they belong.

We’ve created this checklist with lots of different ways you can contribute with Ministry of Testing. Why not have a read-through and see what you already do for the community?

From reading the checklist, it should be clear that contributing with MoT is much more than creating content. It’s about finding a little time to help create a space where people can share and solve problems together, connect and learn from one another’s experiences and ultimately boost their careers and the testing profession as a whole.

If you’re looking to become a more active community member, it’s important to

1. Establish what you’re doing already - Use the checklist to help you write down what you’re currently doing. You might find you’re happy with your contribution level.

2. Identify your goals and ambitions - Why do you want to contribute to MoT? Do you dream of being on the TestBash stage? Do you want to make lifelong connections with like-minded peers? Whatever your contribution goal is, write that down and stick it somewhere you can see it to motivate you.

3. Consider your time and energy levels - If work and life are a bit hectic, now may not be the time to give your all to the community and that’s ok. The community is here and will be waiting for you when you have the capacity to come back.

If you’ve established you’d like to contribute more to the MoT community and have the time and energy, set yourself some SMART targets around how you can meet your contribution goals.

For example,

I’d like to submit an article with MoT on dispelling common learning myths that waste folks’ time within three months. As LearningBoss, it’s important the community knows we’ve thoughtfully designed conferences and content to maximise learning and not for quick wins. It’s also useful for folks to know what poor learning design is like so they can discern between the two. I’ll set aside 30 minutes on Mondays and Thursdays to research and write this piece.

How will you contribute to the community? I’d love to hear your ambitions and ideas.


Having reviewed this checklist I figured out i would not be able to do 2 items permanently.

My only goal is to make the most.

I want to attend 99 minutes workshop and I’m trying my level best.
Read as much as I can.
Watch videos
Be a part of all initiatives.
I want to speak in test bash regularly.
Most importantly By December, I want to publish an article with MOT…I will need a lot of help in this area.
Make more mindmaps of everything that i read here.

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