MoTBucks February Panel Event - We Need Your Questions

On 24th February, we at MoTBucks are hosting a panel event on the topic of “Shifting Testing, Left or Right” and we want your questions to probe the panel with.

The panel for the evening are:

@parveen, @russell.craxford and @lisa.crispin

It’s an online event so we can add questions during the evening, but any burning questions on this topic, please respond here

Link to meetup page here: MoTBucks - Panel Event - "Shifting Testing, Left or Right?" | Meetup


If you were to mindmap key shift left/right activities or principles, what would it look like?

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Collating all questions gathered so far:

  • What is shift left?
  • What is shift right?
  • Which is more valuable - Shift Left or Shift Right?
  • When shifting left, can you get too far left? Same questions for shifting right
  • Isn’t shift right talking about doing testing “too late”? Surely we can’t let our customers be our testers
  • What is a really good application you’ve seen of shift left?
  • What is a really good application you’ve seen of shift right?
  • What is a really bad application you’ve seen of shift left?
  • What is a really bad application you’ve seen of shift right?
  • What are some common misunderstandings you have seen of shift left/right?
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Bump! This is coming on Wednesday, we’d love to get your questions in front of our amazing panel!

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Remaining questions not answered from tonight… @lisa.crispin @parveen @russell.craxford fire away…

In testing to the right how important is it to the panel to cultivate relationships beyond the engineering group?

What do you say the key skills are with both left and right. Anything unique to either side?

How frequently do you feel that an organisation needs to be releasing code to production to be doing continuous integration?

What % of your total test mix would left and right be? E.g. 15% of total test time on left, 60% functional annd regression test in middle, 15% on shift right

How important is it to lower any technology bar for getting access to the software earlier? What challenges have the panel experienced that they’ve had to overcome?

I used to work for a consultancy where we had corporate clients that would only ask testers to come on board once dev has finished to reduce costs. It’s an awful practice but still common. Is there any way to do “shift left” in these circumstances?

QA partnering with UX/BA, bringing his/her perspective to help the team through better-defined specifications. Can it be considered as shift-left?

Question: do you recommend any QA metrics to track when to say that is it a yes or no go for beta/public release?

I’ve just started a new job as a tester on a feature team. I’ve booked 1:1s with people who are on the “DevOps team” (such an anti-pattern, I know), some of these I’ve been able to make regular biweekly meetings. We have a person from this team assigned to our team, but not really embedded. I’m already working on a project to migrate the deployment for our team’s main product to a different infrastructure and tool set, and the standing 1:1s have already come in handy! I also meet with testers on other teams. I think building relationships is the #1 thing we need to do in order to do everything else.

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