Motor City Software Testers March 29 2023 Meetup: Become a public speaker - with a little help from friends

Join us March 29 2023 at 6:30pm EST virtually! Information below, link to join: Become a public speaker - with a little help from friends, Wed, Mar 29, 2023, 6:30 PM | Meetup

The MASH program connects aspiring new speakers from the tech industry with experienced speakers, offering mentoring ranging from selecting a topic to presenting and promoting your session. Using a ten step program mentees get one on one mentoring as well as help from the entire MASH group with things such as abstract review and dry runs. The program has a well-established record with mentees moving on to comfortably taking the stage of conferences around the world.
Come meet some of the mentors and listen to their experience from the program as well as stories from their own speaker careers. The format will be an open panel discussion with time for questions from the audience

Panelists: Lena Nyström Wiberg, Samuel Pesse and Jim Czuprynski


@g33klady is it going to be recorded? I just noticed it’s 12:30 AM for me :smiley:

At this time it will not be, but I can look into potentially getting it recorded (we would need an upgraded plan in Butter to record it as of now). I’ll let you know!

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Ok we will not be recording, but I do encourage you to chat with @pejgan - there may be another instance of the talk closer to your timezone possible or soon :smiley: