Mutant Testing Tools anyone?

Hello All,
I’ve been running some queries/searches but I’ve not found anything really substantive in the way of tools and/or techniques to support Mutation Testing. We are going to be needing some options to help us expedite the V&V of our infrastructure modernization and I was asked to see what folks “out there” in the MOT world were using or recommending.


During a talk of TestBash the Netherlands Stryker was mentioned. The name of the tool is based on a comic figure with a great dislike for mutants.


depending on the code you are running ofc: Stryker is a very good mutator there is also:

We recently had a meetup about it: Mutation Testing - Freddy Schoeters & Tim Neyens - YouTube

Repo with example:

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It will highly depend on your tech stack and mostly a “mutation testing for X” on DuckDuckGo will give you good options.

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I attended a talk given by the lead developer of Fettle (C# mutation testing tool no longer being developed). He said that a key problem was speed - working out which tests to run based on mutating a given line of code. For many code / test bases, it’s just too slow to run all the tests each time, so isolating which tests need re-running is important. He now recommends Stryker.

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Thanks much for the input. Really encouraging to see a former competitor talking about the issues and how best to resolve.

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