My friend & I built a Cypress/Playwright/Puppeteer Test Recorder!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with the community an open source browser extension me and my friend has built to help testers quickly put together test scripts that work with a few popular browser testing libraries :slight_smile:

We just finished implementing Cypress support based on popular feedback when we’ve shared this out to the Reddit community.

For those not familiar with test recorders, the Chrome/Firefox extension generates Cypress, Playwright or Puppeteer browser automation scripts by automatically capturing input events (types, clicks, scrolls) with selectors that are as stable as we can find as well as generating actions such as hover, await/assert text, and screenshots.

We put together the DeploySentinel Recorder because we couldn’t find an automation/test-authoring tool that can do 80% of the script authoring for me, with a really smooth developer workflow and output maintainable code.

I’d love to hear the community’s feedback here on what we can improve/what to build next!


Seems pretty dope, I’ll have to give it a try!

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Thanks Mirza! Let me know what you think - if you have any thoughts/feedback, I’d love to hear it! :smile:

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