New Job Chat - tell us about your new role!

I’m five weeks in to my new job.

I broke my 16 year streak without web, so there are things like performance and load testing that I need to learn about.

Everything is weird right now, but I’m making use of all the swag from conferences previous to makes notes!

Days like today are just what I need to refresh and revitalise!!

I was already working remotely, and having EVERYONE working remotely has been a huge advantage for me. On the down side, suddenly having to wfh, often with kids and/or not great internet, has rattled people and means I haven’t gotten the best onboarding help. I find I have to schedule meetings with people so I can learn from them. I’m sure people are all meeting-ed out, but I can’t think what else to do when remote. You can’t just walk over to someone’s desk, and people are too busy to treat Slack as an instant messenger!

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working from home isn’t an issue for me I worked from 2-3 days a week in my previous job but I find I am all meeting out no time to get a break as I don’t want to look like im doing nothing.

Working with offshore partners too where there connections are not the best has made this even harder and the majority of my new team Is offshore.

How do I manage people who have more knowledge than me that’s the biggest issue I have, they coming to me now asking how they should write the tests for api tests and e2e tests

Are any of you struggling with your new job? I’m in my 5th week and still feel I don’t know enough to really add any value. I purposely took a job in an area I don’t know well because it’s what I want to learn. My imposter syndrome is killing me. I’m usually in a state of high anxiety because I’m so afraid I’ll fail. I need a support group!


I’ve been in the same role since August 2018 and I still get massive imposter syndrome. The size of the org and technical domain is huge. For me, it’s about celebrating the small wins. Saying to myself “I didn’t know that yesterday but I do today”, or “look how much I’ve helped that person/team”.

This is a luxury, but it’s also good if you have someone in the team that you can share those feelings with? They’ll be able to respond with the value you’ve added that you’re probably not recognising. Or ask some team members for feedback in general?

I usually find it comes in peaks and troughs. Some days I’ll be quite confident and others I’ll feel like I know nothing and I’m useless.

I’ll also add that 5 weeks is not a long time at all in a role, in my experience so far… are you possibly being too hard on yourself?

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Thanks, Ali! I’m usually too hard on myself. I’m definitely looking for the “small success”. I have a “buddy” assigned to me who is on a different team (UX design team lead). He advised me to focus on the team I’m assigned to now as the quality person. Look for the small success there. But, I don’t know any of the people on the team and I’m finding it hard to build relationships given - remoteness, they are all in Portugal, I am shy… they were so nice about rescheduling all of their meetings so that they are after 6 am my time so I can attend. Still, I am struggling even to get the big picture. And the one task that is assigned to me seems completely impossible.

I’m always advising people to build relationships, and i find myself at a loss to do so with this team!

I’m in my new Job as Quality Manager since the beginning of April, too! :slight_smile:
I am actually not new to the company I used to work there as working student, also as sole tester. And I saw all the problems that our company had in the non-existent testing department and thought I could really work on those when I am here full time. Turns out it is nearly impossible to get a team to try out new things as I always loose the “democratic” decisions when I suggest trying something different :thinking:
When Test Bash Home started, I actually just came out of a very exhausting and frustrating retrospective where everybody, as always, agreed that testing and reviewing needs to improve and I felt like a complete idiot and like I am letting the team down. That I should word my suggestions even better and smarter and more adamant. That I should be able to test & automate & do DevOps & do just everything to get there alone if needed :tired_face: Which is just not possible! The struggle is real!
Then Test Bash Home started and I suddenly was surrounded by like-minded people, accepting people and it was so great. It really regenerated my spirit! It reminded me why I started doing testing and what I love about it! I learned so much! :slight_smile:

It’s the end of the week and I’m very convinced I make the right decision. The people are lovely and friendly. The values refreshing and very well thought through putting people and trust front and centre. I think I’m really going to like working here.