Bloggers Club July 2021: First day on a team

This is my first time setting a Bloggers Club challenge.

This month, I challenge you to write about:

First day on a team

I’ve noticed quite a few people changing roles and joining new teams, so I thought this month it could be about that. Maybe what you’d change about your first day, or what you loved about it?

How to get involved?

  • Write a blog on the above topic before July 31st :writing_hand: It can be as long or as short as you want it to be.
  • Share a link to the blog here :eyes:
  • Receive lots of love from the community :heart:
  • Maybe even get a shout out from the Ministry of Testing Twitter account :wink:

2 new Starters today :innocent:
@bencf1 and @patrick I think I have the correct handles.


what a coincidence !
Today I did a racket about it as I was asked to share some tips by someone in twitter:

Can’t ignore that I also need some advice as I will start next september my new official role :wink:


My post for this month:


Amazing timing. I’m starting a new job today. Will let you know how it goes!


I find the energy last evening to write something about it!
I’m looking forward for my new testing adventure as well in about 2 months :smiley:


Congrats @azza554 ! Happy starting :slight_smile:

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An excellent bloggers club challenge!

I feel there’s rock solid inspiration to be had from this thread. I have a hunch it could provide useful information to help trigger ideas for your own writing. Good luck. :writing_hand:


I changed jobs about five moons ago, so it’s still pretty fresh experience for me. I may not be as early with the blog post this month but I already have it in draft. :nerd_face:


Good luck with your new job!


Great topic! I’d be definitely interested in writing it up. Can I share the link from my medium blogs here? Will that be okay? @heather_reid please confirm me. Thank you!


Heather is on maternity - I believe she mentioned it in the last monthly blogger’s club. It’s OK, I can confirm for you. Yes, share the link to the blog post you write related to the topic, wherever that is.


Thanks @mcgovernaine !


Hi @mcgovernaine & @heather_reid - Please find the link to my blog:Kick-off learning process — First Day in the team | by Mukta Sharma | Jul, 2021 | Medium
Thank you!


@deament - I always enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for sharing it here.

@azza554 - Good luck with your new job! How’s your first week been?

@emna_ayadi – Your Racket is excellent – great advice throughout. And I like how you frame it within “People”, “Product” and “Process” (in your article too). I think those 3P’s are an excellent guide to remind folks to perhaps find a way to balance all three as they get further into their journey as a new starter. I wonder if over time “People” should take more weight/emphasis? :thinking:

@muktaqa12 – So good to read how your manager had such a positive experience on your first day at the job, all those years ago. I reflect how important the onboarding experience is. Really enjoyed reading your succinct advice towards the end. Brilliant!


Thanks @simon_tomes for your feedback :slight_smile: glad to know that you enjoyed my racket !
I would like to say YES OF course, “People comes first”

  • “People and interaction over process & tools” : with the right mindset people can be good performers even with the lack of something, they can always be a good learners if they are curious !
  • That’s why we make a whole book me and Ard Kramer about the importance of these inter human skills and we called them #21stskills4testers

I’ve opted to capture the first week in this post.

First week at Brightpearl


Congrats on your first week, @azza554 . Sounds like a promising start to things. Great you wrote it down – it was very easy to get a sense of how your week went. And if you continue to write and share – then that’s a total bonus for the rest of our community! :smiley:


July has been a pretty busy month for me (thus far) but I found some time to finally finish the draft:


Love it, @mirza. Thanks for sharing.

I very much enjoy your writing style and the cool use of memes throughout. :smiley:

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