New solution or Protractor all the way?

Hi everyone,
I am in a bind and I’, hoping to get a bit of advice on the best course of action.
My company currently uses Protractor to run automation tests on it’s Javascript bases web application.
We were working with Katalon for our other, php based system, but since the prices have been introduced for Katalon, this is no longer a viable option for us.

We have two options for us in terms of continuing the automation, do I move all of out katalon tests to protractor and keep everything together, or should I be looking for another automation tool, such as maybe Robot Framework?

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I suggest you look into Peppeteer.
I came to know about this a few months ago but haven’t got a chance to implement. However, with my experience of testing AnglularJS with Protractor I will say that writing tests in Protractor is fast but Puppeteer looks better.

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Does protractor provide in your needs? If yes, then I don’t see any reason to look at other tools to be honest. It’s already setup and you know how to work with it.

If protractor is somehow lacking for you than there are plenty of options out there. Before looking at specific tooling I would suggest you first start with making an inventory of what it is you’re looking for. Based on that you can make a selection and start creating a POC.

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It might help you to read some reviews for similar testing tools on IT Central Station to see what other people’s experiences have been (Disclosure: I work for IT Central Station): Reviews of Functional Testing Tools

You can also look at review-based comparisons to make it easier to weigh up the pros and cons. As an example, here is a comparison page for the top 2 functional testing tools: Tricentis TOSCA vs. Worksoft Certify

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Eurgh, how is UFT still in the top ten, never mind the top five.

Edit: although I will say I’ve not used it for a couple of years, is it still forcing you to code offline app automation using VBScript?

It’s all based on the user reviews and composite ranking score - but feel free to leave your review to help others out when they are doing their research :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will check that out.

Thanks for the responses, there are some good suggestions here. I will look into Puppertier as its also JS based so could be a close match alternative. But as hylke says if all out needs can be met by Protractor, then there no reason to move things away.