New to Performance Testing - Best tools for testing API calls?

Hi all,

I am completely new to Performance Testing and not overly Technical.

Just wondering could you give me an idea of what tools i could use to test Performance of API calls.

For example:

  • Gradually upping the amount of users that hit the endpoint over a period of time.
  • What happens if 200 people try to hit the endpoint at the same time.

What tools would you recommend?

-Thinking about Ease of Use and Cost. The usual stuff


Also are there any super easy reliable cloud based tools to use that you simply provide an API for it to hit and it can simulate lots of tests for you?

I would go with JMeter. It’s free, it’s one of the more popular API testing tools and is built for performance testing primarily.

From experience, it’s a little clunky to begin with but once you get past this then it’s a very powerful tool. There’s loads of support available and other plugins that you can use to extend load profiles and reports etc.

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You can try out Gatling which is open source tool based on Scala and it has a recorder which can give you the kick start in building the Scenarios


you can try postman and Jmeter for testing API calls.

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You can try Blazemeter. It’s SaaS, based on open source tools like JMeter, Selenium, Taurus, and free to start. It also has a low-code test script generator so creating test scripts to be executed is relatively easier.

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Performance Tool Cost varies with Load.i.e Parallel Users.
Free Versions which allow 1000+ : Jmeter Lot of plugins and lot of online resource available to kick start. Manually need to config to run on different regions (EU, ASIA and so)
Balze Meter - is Cloud solution free has limitation and paid is based on User , You can run tests based on region
Telerik Test Studio Easy UI driven . You can run tests based on region


There are various types of performance testing tools in software testing you can use or refer as per your needs and requirements of testing.

Because according to me the goal of performance testing is not just finding the bugs or errors of application It should be make cover the various areas of application performance including Speed, Scalability, Stability .

So , Let’s move ahead with different tools of performance which is your question…

I would like to suggest you some good tools of application performance testing such as;

1. LoadNinja
2.Apache JMeter
3. WebLOAD
4. LoadUI Pro
6. NeoLoad
7. LoadRunner

currently me and my team are using **Apache JMeter :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are new in performance testing, I would like to recommend this article too: The Ultimate Guide to Learn Performance Testing