NottsTest - Testing AI Chatbot with Dan Caseley: 21st June

This month, @dancaseley, one of the NottsTest organisers, will be sharing his experiences with testing generative AI powered chatbots.

“Generative AI and LLMs are the next Blockchain. Everyone wants to use this cool new technology. I’ve been doing it as part of my day job, and found that it’s wildly different from other kinds of software that I’ve tested. The lenses you place over a direct human assistive technology give rise to different techniques, and to an entirely different classification of bugs. This talk will walk through the components of a modern chat AI implementation, how to define and measure it, some risks and testing approaches, and hopefully include some audience participation.”

Dan’s been coming to NottsTest for cough years, and been a tester for even longer. He’s led teams, worked in education, legal, security and healthcare sectors, and has given numerous talks at NottsTest on technical and non-technical topics.


Thanks to all who came on Wednesday! The video recording will be up in a couple of days.
In the meantime, if any participants have any follow-up questions, I’m very happy to take them.

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