Overheard at AiT - March 2021 Cohort

Thought I’d create this thread before we start heading into breakout groups.

Feel free to post your amusing, random and out-of-context quotes said during the sessions/work relating to the March cohort.

Beginning with @mwinteringham himself:

We are here to say that you are worthy of an integer.



I’ve already shared this quote with other testing colleagues (not in this course) - “If this test failed, would anyone care? If not, delete it.” :+1:

“If you only have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”

I believe that “Jerry” said: “That’s all testers do; break things and moan about it”

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“I’m so hyped up on sugar”
by our own @mwinteringham

“If you’re on Mac, we recommend Charles. If you’re on Windows, we recommend you get a Mac.” - @mwinteringham