Performance testing of a chat-bot

Please i will like to know How to carry out performance testing on a chat-bot?

Not sure if it’s what you mean, but could you test the time it takes to get from the start to the end of the journey? For example, if the chat bot is designed to take a user to a product link, have that as the target? Not sure how you would decide what phrases are used though. Maybe use personas? I think this is more to do with generally testing chat bots rather than specific performance.

After little research it seems that in some platforms like Azure chat-bot you can trigger the chat-bot with JSON requests and receive JSON response.see the following link :

I think in case you can trigger the chat-bot via HTTP request you can consider it as a normal performance testing scenario , but i think it will not be so easy to set your acceptance criteria.

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thanks will have a look

But which chat bot? There are multiple implementations of networking protocols which might be in scope/use and your load test must represent real life bot usage as close as possible. To wit the load testing of a chat bot should be a normal usage of a chat by multiple concurrent users which will be using the bot.

So you basically need to simulate people talking to your bot like they would talk to each other, from this perspective it doesn’t differ from load testing a chat and information on chats load testing is easier to find than for the chat-bots, i.e. you can start with 5 Ways to Load Test Popular Chat Plugins with JMeter article.