Please help! 2 Min Survey: UK Software Testers' Experience of Coronavirus

Hey lovely testing community,

I’m hearing lots of stories (good and bad) about testers’ experiences since the Coronavirus epidemic began earlier this year. To provide some data for an upcoming talk I’m doing, I’d be super grateful if you could answer my 2 minute entirely unscientific survey.

Its completely anonymous, but hopefully it will help shed a little more light on how the UK software testing community are being impacted. The last survey I did got 40 responses, so it would be amazing to beat that number. Please only respond if you work/worked for a testing company in the United Kingdom at the time lockdown was introduced.

Link to survey here:

Thanks so much!



Good news! I have smashed my original target and the number of respondents has been amazing. Thankyou to all who filled in the survey so far - if you haven’t yet filled it in I’d be so so grateful if you could spare me just a few minutes of your time.

Getting some really interesting results, which I will happily share after my upcoming talk.

Hey - I was lucky enough that 100 people responded to the survey - if anyone wants to see the results please come along to a free talk I am doing next Wednesday