Positive Stories About Test Automation

I saw a post on LinkedIn today from @lgibbs that I thought would be excellent to share here too.

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Which says

I see so many posts about the negatives of test automation, and I get that. We need to raise awareness about what it can and can’t achieve. There are a lot of unrealistic expectations out there.

For a change, I’d like to hear some positive stories about test automation. Anyone able to share?

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After two years of struggling to get automation done by my own steam at a startup, I moved to a new company that already has a mature automation framework and tbh it is so nice. My manager is super passionate about reusability, maintenance and readability/simplicity so it’s really cool. A lot of the time I’m trying to write a method for something, and I realise there’s already one made with the flexibility and appropriate wording for what I want, so I just like… use it… and then it works, and I don’t have to do anything because it’s all been set up in such a nice way.
I do complain a lot about it as well, obvs, because I haven’t done Java/Cucumber/Selenium before, or worked in such a massive automation project before. tbh though I love so many things about our automation suite and I’m happy to be somewhere where there are lots of people who can and want to help write it!

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