Postman for API Monitoring?

I saw a question pop up on one of our Slack groups last week that I thought would be useful to preserve somewhere for future reference and further discussion :slight_smile:

Anyone use Postman for API monitoring? We had (formerly) Runscope but discontinued it after it had become an old, poorly maintained mess. Some devs wanted Postman so we though it might be a nice budget win to stop one and use another. Getting devs to maintain their API alerts has been a challenge.

The community asked what the original poster was hoping to accomplish because

Prometheus is a solid goto when your question is “what can do all the things”, but if you have a specific goal in mind, there may be a different recommendation.

The original poster was

looking for an API monitoring tool that will let us do some light data validation.

Q: how many endpoints you need to hit? How often?

Maybe 5-10 endpoints every few minutes.

What suggestions would you have for the original poster of this question?

Hi, hope I am not too late to the party.

A friend of mine and I are working on something that sound very similar to what OP is looking for. It’s called APId. It’s a simple tool for end-to-end/integration testing and we are launching a cloud offering similar to runscope soon. The tool is just a binary, so you can run it on cron jobs and in CI pipelines.

Check it out and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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If it’s just a question of monitoring to see that the app is up and running and responds to calls to the API - then I’d go with a regular monitoring tool like OP5 or many like it, I have not used Prometheus. If the goal is calling the API and alerting if it’s down.

I think Postman is more aimed at testing, not monitoring, but I might be wrong :slight_smile:

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