What kind of monitoring and logging activities you need in your reports/strategies?

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Reading this about How do you monitor, makes me reflects and wanted to know what kind of logging and monitoring activities can be helpful for you to include in your reports and testing strategies ?

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For APIs at work we’re using mostly Mulesoft’s built in reporting and monitoring, with a few custom reports. I wanted to make a few of my own Monitors in Postman, but that didn’t work since the APIs I’m testing are exposed to the public and the security blokes won’t budge on that front.


We don’t have a specific report but we just have a dashboard which has alerts & notifications linked to it and whenever something goes ‘wrong’ people X & Y jump onto it.

  • We all “negative” activities like Forbiddens, some Bad requests (not all), 404, 429, 418.
  • We log API’s up time & response times, alerting if the response time is larger then X.
  • We also monitor DB’s: Memory/CPU etc…