30 Days of Testability Day 5: What monitoring system is used for your application

(Heather) #1

30 Days of Testability Day 5 task is:

What monitoring system is used for your application? Do the alerts it has configured reflect what you test?

As I mentioned in

I don’t have much experience with monitoring so I’m keen to see what all of your answers are for this.

(Joe) #2

We use a third party service for monitoring, alerting, and reporting. The alerts are based on transaction volume and error frequency.


(Luke) #3

I had some hands on experience in my past roles

  1. Nagios - used to monitor status and state of the site controllers devices (Site Controller used to monitor all gaming machines in a particular venue across the country). The alerts are accurately reflected the status and state of the devices while testing and in production operation.
  2. GroundWork - used and configured to monitoring servers, windows services, scheduled jobs, applications, logs etc. It was a great experience to work through no monitoring alerts then too many alerts, and then alert on critical errors after a few months hard working on continuous configuring, learning, and reconfiguring.
  3. Datadog, Raygun, Google Analytics in the recent years and all of them have strength and weakness in different areas but they will all do a good job if you configure them properly and use their strength correctly :slight_smile:
  4. In my current assignment, I’m learning more about Grafana
  5. does automated regression testing suite count as a form of monitoring as well? if so, Jenkins :smile:
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are you able to disclose who the third party is? If not, no worries :slight_smile:

(Joe) #5

I’m being cautious in not disclosing the name. My intent was to raise awareness on the types of solutions available. Clearly, the solutions presented here are providing the transparency needed for the poster’s enterprise, and we recognize the importance of that from a testability point of view.


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From the Twitterverse: