Regarding Testing Reports


Calling all Test Leads/Managers.
I have few questions regarding Reporting

  1. When a sprint is signed off what reports do you guys send to all stakeholders?
  2. How do you guys show that quality has improved
  3. Do you guys decide if product is shippable based on some criteria
  4. Any tools you guys use to report manual & automation status
  5. Any material which i can refer to display confidence to management?

Currently we use Jira for documenting test cases (we have customised)
All automation Jobs are run through Jenkins. Jenkins does not store the output for longet time. Do you guys use any tool to spit this data out?

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My answers may be a bit colored by our team not being Agile.

  1. No reports. We talk about the last period of time and our team’s actions.
  2. When we talk, one of the questions is about quality.
  3. We don’t decide if the product is shippable. That is the responibility of other people. We only give information about the state of the product and potential risks.
  4. Documents, emails, automated reports, and when testing is “done”, a brief summary for the team.
  5. Confidence usually displays confidence. Deliverables usually have less influence than presentations when we are trying to convince the decision-makers about the quality of the testing (be it good or bad).
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Pretty much as Brian has put it, the team decide if we have more work to do. Then we go to other people.

Amar, I do keep a list of end-to-end User experience test cases I (or the team really) try to manually run and flag any that failed. BUT I don’t publish it. It goes onto a obscure network share, mainly so I can spot a regression by going back to the last release and seeing if there is a tick in the sheet next to a specific test area or a platform. I test until I run out of time allotted. This sheet is most helpful when it comes to trying to detect the date a bug got injected and finding in version control. Mostly a memory aid, because automated tests also back up these findings “sometimes”. But nope, no formal test reports.