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Hello! I am new here and hoping this group can help me. To give you a little background, my company had no QA team up until about a year and a half ago. The QA analysts we have now(myself being one) are self-taught. We primarily do manually UI\mobile testing and some API testing. It is often hard to track and manage all the items that need to be regression tested so we are looking for a template to document the specifics. We want to be able to refer to this as like a checklist. Does anyone have any recommendations?
We use Jira(x-ray plug in).

To note: We do plan on adding automation and building our team this year, but it is a slow process.

Thanks in advance!


Do you use checklist?
You can make one and each release you perform it.


We do use a checklist for some systems but were hoping to find something more formal.

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If you’re using X-ray you can make use of the test plans to add test cases that will go into the regression suite. I guess it somewhat depends on how you got X-ray configured, we used the Jira plugin on the last project I was on, X-ray test cases would be listed under the new Stories so it was easy to pick what should go into the regression run based on the most recently developed functionalities.

I’d also recommend integrating X-ray into your pipeline completely, we had it almost entirely integrated, the only tedious thing that we had to do was use a PowerShell script to make the execution run match the results in Jira - without having the need to manually change the statuses of the tests, depending on what failed, skipped or passed. But this can be improved as well.

Hi @chelsi.doolittle , welcome to the community! It’s fantastic you are here. And thanks for asking your question.

Are you familiar with Karen Johnson’s RCRCRC heuristic? There’s an excellent overview on this handy article.

With such a strategy in mind it may help you make the often difficult choice of what to test and what not to test during regression – and such an exercise could inform the design of your template.

Good luck and feel free to keep asking questions on the Club. There really are amazing people here who will be more than happy to help you.

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