Regression Testing Guidelines

Hi all, recently I took on a new freelance project, a very interesting new mobile app. They are asking if I could write a guideline about how it’s done. I got a general idea of what I should put there - I went through the app features with the PO and we made a nice visual board.

Any general tips for this document-writing endeavor?

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@mirza - what exactly do you mean? You want to write a document that describes how and what to test in the regression part of your testing? Or do you want to write some general test strategy?


I think they want a document on what and how regression testing should be done for their product, I was just wondering if other members of the community had similar experiences.

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Well I did do somenthing like this a while ago for a GDPR testing implementation. In general it had a few points

  • Purpose of the document

  • What types of test will be run and when

  • And then the actual tests

I hope that helps you a little bit. If I were to maybe describe what I did back then and what I think you should do is a slimmer version of a test strategy, with focus on regression.

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Thanks @restertest :smiley: