TestBashWorld2022: AMA: Regression Testing

  • I’m new to testing & work in a team thats never had a tester. How do I begin talking about regression testing to a team that has never had this testing?
  • One of your regression tests has just failed, what steps do you take next?
  • Hey, when a feature or detail changes, do you proactivly change the tests or ‘wait’ for failure. How would you identify the tests need change?
  • Are there any cases where a manual test is preferred over automating?
  • When I did regression tests last time, I encountered tests that weren’t worth executing (manually).
    How to remove a test, and how to explain it to PM?
  • Do you use data to drive your regression test?
  • You mentioned that sometimes you don’t automate cases that are faster to run manually. Can you share a couple examples?
  • How often are you deleting automated regression tests?
  • In the dev/build process, when will you be ready to do regression testing? what needs to happen before we can start regression testing, any checklist items?
  • Do you want to sequence your regression to run the critical first then others then others? Does it help?
  • Is there any other way than the regression testing to be sure that the quality of our app is stable/constant during the sprints?
  • Are people executing manual regression testing the same who build automated regression packs?
  • Have you considered codeless/low code automation tools (over cypress, for example)? If not tried or tried but not using, why?
  • what are the automation tools that you are using for end to end testing?
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