Resources and articles on exploratory testing

I’m pulling together some information about exploratory testing, and wondered what your favourite resources are for learning about what it is and how to do good exploratory testing.

I remember some great resources from James Lyndsay and James Bach back in my youthful testing days. Wondered what else was out there these days? My first lazy attempt at searching on google brings up same lame and shallow results.


Marcel Gehlen blogged a “Pathway Exploratory Testing”, which is available at
I still did not find the time to go through it, but when I scanned the blog post it felt like this would be my way to get started with exploratory testing.


Anne-Marie has created a great list -

Can highly recommend this by Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Also this on YouTube by her is well worth viewing

Although Anne-Marie’s list mentions it, I would like to highlight:

Explore It!, by Elisabeth Hendrickson.


I really like this exploratory testing for optimum coverage resource, hopefully you will enjoy it.