Resources for Testing Microservices

Have any of you done testing of microservices? I’m wondering if you have any resources you have found useful for it.

Some resources already shared in Slack from others are:

and for testing contracts between microservices:

Have you any others that you have found useful in your own search?



If you are using spring boot I recommend to give a try to spring cloud contract:

It has a good support here:

Also, I found really useful the book “Building Microservices” from Saw Newman, specially the testing chapter, but the whole book is interesting:

Hope it helps!

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Katrina Clockie gathered good resources about this:

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This is my favourite resource


My ex-colleague Daniel has a bloody excellent conference talk on building Microservices, though it’s not testing specific:

I actually wrote a case study reflecting on testing a microservices application for our company blog, but it got taken down as we wanted to maintain more client confidentiality. I may try to republish it and anonymise the particular client/system, as I feel there are some excellent lessons within it!

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Hi there.

Recently, I have involved into testing and automation of microservices a lot.
Here is the most useful resources I found. It also contains materials on contract testing as well.
I hope, it will help others to get into microservices deeply.

The list:


Recent blog post from Spotify about testing microservices which may be useful

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A talk about testing microservices from testers point of view:

Key takeaways:

  • A case study from a media company where QAs tested microservices running on Docker and Kubernetes
  • Microservices testing risks
  • How QA teams can provide value in a microservices world
  • Typical QA team responsibilities with microservices
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