Resources for Testing Microservices

(Heather) #1

Have any of you done testing of microservices? I’m wondering if you have any resources you have found useful for it.

Some resources already shared in Slack from others are:

and for testing contracts between microservices:

Have you any others that you have found useful in your own search?

Testing in a world of Micro Services Architecture
(Roman) #2


If you are using spring boot I recommend to give a try to spring cloud contract:

It has a good support here:

Also, I found really useful the book “Building Microservices” from Saw Newman, specially the testing chapter, but the whole book is interesting:

Hope it helps!

(Maciej) #3

Katrina Clockie gathered good resources about this:

(Augusto) #4

This is my favourite resource

(Matt) #5

My ex-colleague Daniel has a bloody excellent conference talk on building Microservices, though it’s not testing specific:

I actually wrote a case study reflecting on testing a microservices application for our company blog, but it got taken down as we wanted to maintain more client confidentiality. I may try to republish it and anonymise the particular client/system, as I feel there are some excellent lessons within it!

(Alexander) #6

Hi there.

Recently, I have involved into testing and automation of microservices a lot.
Here is the most useful resources I found. It also contains materials on contract testing as well.
I hope, it will help others to get into microservices deeply.

The list:

(Heather) #7

Recent blog post from Spotify about testing microservices which may be useful

(Wojciech) #8

A talk about testing microservices from testers point of view:

Key takeaways:

  • A case study from a media company where QAs tested microservices running on Docker and Kubernetes
  • Microservices testing risks
  • How QA teams can provide value in a microservices world
  • Typical QA team responsibilities with microservices