Resources for writing better BDD

I saw a question pop up recently that I thought would be an excellent one to transfer here to The Club :grin:

I would really like to do some sessions with my team at work to improve our collective ability at writing BDD and explore why some phrasings are better than others. (Especially as we have a mix of automated and manual execution, there is a balance in being explicit enough vs too explicit.) Does anyone have a book or a course that you would recommend we work through?

What resources would you recommend to the original poster?

Some years ago I attended a workshop of Bas Dijkstra about BDD or Behavior Driven Development. After a short overview of the theory he showed real life examples, which had to be improved in small groups. The solution was discussed after each exercise with the whole group. I liked the interaction in the exercises. Bas has a lot of experience.

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I follow John Ferguson Smart on LinkedIn and find some of his posts useful.

A couple of years ago I read his book and thought it was a good read.

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The material on the Automation Panda blog is a great resource - BDD | Automation Panda

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