Resources on Spotify?

Hi, I am looking for cool podcasts on testing in spotify, that I could listen to while on the train. Spotify has such a decent streaming that mobile cell changes don’t hurt…

Good podcasts are PerfBytes, Let’s Talk About Test Baby, Screentesting, Testers Islands Discs and MoT’s own. They are on spreaker and Apple podcast, … I don’t know about Spotify though…

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Thanks. But they are not on spotify. And I have an android device…

For Android try: SoundCloud

also see this playlist from the “Testers Island Discs”

Podcast selection on Spotify looks to be very limited.

Another option on Android is Podcast Addict (

To add to Jesper’s list there is also

AB Testing
Quality Remarks
Testing in the Pub
The Testing Show


Lets Talk About Tests, Baby should be on spotify shortly now that my podcast hosting has made it super easy to submit to it :smiley:

I don’t use spotfiy for podcasts but it doesn’t look like there’s any testing podcasts on there at the moment, but I guess it’s still a new place to submit podcasts to so people might not even be aware it’s possible?


It would be great having Lets Talk About Tests on Spotify, Gem!

I’ve been following all my favorite podcasts there in the last 7-8 months, since I’m a iOS user and Apple’s own podcasts app has always been a mess.

Hi, but that is the music only, or?

yes, that playlist is the music only. :-/
@neil - could Testers Islands Discs talks be on Spotify too?

RE: Getting the Testers’ Island Discs podcast added to Spotify, yes it would be doable (Spotify has finally opened-up its submissions process to the general public) but it would need to be done by someone from MoT who’s happy to take administrative control of the feed. (Technology is boring sometimes!) - see

We could potentially have a go at adding Screen Testing to Spotify as well. The issue with that podcast is, we’re a bit more… how shall we say… “creative” with our use of movie clips and songs (unlike Testers Island Discs where we actively pay royalties on our clips). Spotify takes a pretty stringent approach to music usage, but that said, there are other podcasts on Spotify that I know do the same thing; I’ll submit and see what happens, worst case they’ll just say no.

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As requested, Let’s Talk About Tests, Baby is now on Spotify :smiley:


That’s awesome! Already subscribed!

Wow! Me too!


Thanks for sharing all these. Was already tuned in on the podcast of @gemma.hill1987. Good to see there are even more podcasts on testing. I’ll tune in on them!

For the record: on Android I’m very happy with the PocketCasts app for following podcasts.

Thanks for sharing @gemma.hill1987 ! This will get me through my day