Retrospection after any release testing

Importance of retrospection in software testing. Is it recommend to perform retrospection after release testing?

Retrospection means to review and analysis of what you did in past release and what are the areas of improvements. Retrospection is useful for critical issues that need more attention. By doing post-release retrospection, we can easily understand, solve the problem and can easily work on them to improve for future releases. Retrospection also plays an important role in delivering good quality and continuous improvement in the unit we are lacking.

A good software testing company always recommend performing retrospection after release testing to add more value to the customer than previous build release.

The habit of routine retrospection can change, the way of work and can deliver fast and more. It can be a key feature for the company as well as employee to grow all together. What is going well and what is going bad is the main aspects of retrospection. Moreover, it shows what should continue practicing and what need an alert to stop doing.

Hope this information is helpful for you.