Section 508 certificate

Is that essential to aquire section 508 certificate to get a accessibility tester job? if it is how i can get that certificate? pls let me know.

Hello @bahar74 and welcome. Not my country but I’ve not heard of that certification. A read a while ago about the Trusted Tester program which I think was sponsored by the Dept of Homeland Security. I’ll tweet and see if the Twitterverse can help with an answer.

It’s a US requirement to improve accessibility to Federal websites. Not my jurisdiction either, but I imagine that Federal organisations are required to demonstrate compliance with S.508. You don’t need a S.508 certificate to get a job doing accessibility testing, but I would expect that if you were looking for a job in the USA doing accessibility testing, knowing the requirements of S.508 would be essential knowledge.

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thanks mr. robert for ur nice and logical answer.

thanks mr. adystokes for twitting.