Security protocols Jmeter-Gatling

Does Jmeter or Gatling support SAML, OpenID or JWT functionality out of the box?

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Hello Carlos ,

After a quick search i found the following articles about JMeter :




I didn’t work with the mentioned technologies, that’s why i’m not totally sure whether the provided links will be helpful or not for you.

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Hei Mohamed,
Thanks for the links and your answer. I have contacted the head of sales for gatling and I got the following answer:

> We don’t support either SAML not OpenID atm. Those are typical Enterprise features that we’ll implement if a customer is willing to contract with us in order to get them.
*> JWT tokens are just a matter of grabbing HTTP headers and sending them back, this is available out of the box. *
> But then, token refresh logic is not covered in the JWT spec and is application specific, so that’s something you’d have to implement in your tests.

…and since I can find some test examples for these technologies for Gatling, I just assume that neither Gatling nor Jmeter offer these functionalities “out of the box” but it is possible to create test scripts that has enough OpenID/SAML/JWT functionality to get the tests working (like the links that you have provided me) :slight_smile:
Can it be like this?

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Hi Carlos ,

To be honest i don’t know anything about Gatling :slight_smile: , but for JMeter as you mentioned may be there is no out of the box support but you can create a script that do the required job.

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