Performance/Load Testing - Where to start

I’ve been asked to establish performance/load testing at my company, and I’m at a loss where to start. The basic requirements sent down by upper leadership is that our site and web app should be able to handle 5,000 – 15,000 concurrent users. After a bit of online browsing, I see many products available. I’m looking for something that has a low entry barrier but can also grow with my team and company. LoadNinja by SmartBear seemed like one we could get going right out of the box.

Thoughts and suggestions appreciated!


Hi Aaron,

Did you check maybe Gatling:
It has a free and commercial version also has a recorder version and code framework version (my recommendation).
It’s written in scala and it has CI support.

You can also find a great course on udemy for Gatling (step by step) : Gatling Fundamentals for Stress, Load & Performance Testing | Udemy


Taking a look. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi @aaron_be, have you seen this thread Performance: which testing tool and why?

There are blog posts linked there near the end from people in the community talking through the pros and cons of various tools :slight_smile:

Gatling might be a higher barrier due to scale coding.
Low barrier: JMeter:

Huge plus: It’s an open source tool.
If you want a tutorial/guide/walkthrough: JMeter Beginner Tutorial 1 - How to install Jmeter - YouTube

Here’s a YT series, he explains it very well and very easy to follow.
Hope it helps @aaron_be

Kind regards