Software development training to hone automation skills

Hi everyone,

I recently started my Software Testing apprenticeship and am currently doing a 3-month bootcamp style training with the Software Developer apprentices on C# (not introduced to Testing until after bootcamp). As my time learning code is limited, I’d like to focus on writing a basic-intermediate program that would benefit me greatly when it comes to writing code for automation testing in the future.

I’m not too sure what automation tests would require yet as I’m completely new to it, so any ideas, advice or suggestions would be great, thanks.

  • picture comparison with ImageMagick. Especial with thresholds etc.
    • maybe also creating our own pictures (for the comparison) ?
  • getting data from a data base to your file system and compare it to each other (or to files)
  • Cryptpad Slides: create test data to test any text formatting pair-wise (e.g. italic+normal, italic+bold etc.). The test data should be the format of the markdown so you can copy it right into the input field.
  • creating html documents by code from data. I use this often as report.
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As you are using C# you could look at SpecFlow. The basic template suggests tests for a calculator.

I am using it to test REST endpoints in front of a SQL database.

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I’d consider coding things:

  • that would entail modeling object behaviors, it could be pseudo code practice rather than working code. Like how would a user interact with an app or webpage in English (or user behavior terms) not basic atomic computer/monotonuous actions. e.g. select COLOR button vs click button or click red button (where in the former, COLOR is parameterized, so you could select/click any color at test invocation time by switching out the parameter value - the final implemented code should figure out how to click each/any color button. I’ve seen too often hard coded static test paths for the automator taking the easy way of coding up the test automation, it’s not flexible/scalable this way. This can help you with page object modeling in UI test automation

  • something to do with XPath or CSS selectors, for example, parsing XML documents with XPath. This can help with UI location definitions/specifications for UI test automation (web, mobile, desktop)

  • making HTTP or REST API calls, say using some of the many public APIs available to do something with the data. Helps for REST API testing or automation in general these days

  • interfacing to CLI tools, e.g. find some CLI command(s) and interface/wrap them in a way to provide a simpler way to use the tool, or a batched way to handle multiple actions/calls among multiple commands.

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