Test Automation Help - Need help creating a Path

Hi name’s Brian. I recently became a QA and to this point have only done manual testing in Azure working on a team in an agile environment. I want to implement automated testing!

I want to automate testing for our on prem software. It is written in C#. I am learning C# and have dabbled with Specflow, but need help getting from working on simple examples to being able to demo something for my team.

Could use help finding a path to get to my goal. Willing to put in the time just not sure how to proceed in a smart way.


Hi and welcome to MoT! :slight_smile:

Super nice that you want to adopt test automation! Are we talking API or UI automation?
Being able to show something to your team as a demo for the first time, you need to come off strong.

What I would probably do is think about a critical path / happy flow/ small E2E flow that is automated as a demo. Show them test coverage and reporting! Very important! Basically a flow that 90% of your users perform.

Also provide them the pass/fail results & the possibility to integrate it into a CI/CD.

Do you know if your team writes unit tests or has experience (on previous projects maybe) with testers who write automated tests?


Thanks for taking the time to reply!
This would be for UI.

Definitely think a E2E demo would be the best route to go! thank you for all the info. Currently I don’t think there is anyone who has done unit tests.

Any tips/direction on how to get started with the above? courses to learn this?

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